Making Digital Signage Intelligent

Meet CUE.

CUE is the newest revolution in facial recognition marketing. Using our industry best facial recognition algorithms built into our content delivery platform we not only know who’s watching and for how long but we can target ads directly to demographic profiles. Our software transforms standard digital signage into a business intelligence juggernaut. 

CUE helps advertisers make more calculated delivery, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. 

  • Targeted demographic delivery
  • Realtime audience attention and attraction data.
  • Realtime advertisement performance data

Crafted delivery of
intelligent content.

With CUE content management, data metric reporting, and billing are made simple.  Wether you are managing one device or a thousand devices CUE does all the heavy lifting. From content uploads to approvals to distribution we help you every step of the way. Campaign management never looked this good.

CUE’s audience attention metrics give you the power to sell targeted advertisements in various markets making you the one stop shop. From awareness to A/B testing you can solve a multitude of issues for your marketers. Go ahead be the hero! 

Attention Vs. Attraction

Understanding who is watching and for how long, known as attention models, have been the pillar of software facial recognition technology in the marketing space for several years. Though the question remained, “How do you attract the audience?" With CUE we take attraction to another level. Through the use of singular or crowd sourced facial recognition algorithms we can identify who is within attraction radius and direct ads to the signage to draw them in. Once, we have gained their attention we then attain their attachment rate, dwell time, and even emotional response. 


Using facial recognition CUE sources the individual or crowd to better understand how to draw their attention.


Don't let your content role become white noise. Play ads directly to the audience to which you are trying to attract.


Once the audience has been sourced and directed content we begin to measure their attention rates to better understand who is watching and for how long.


Know who is looking, for how long, and their emotional reaction giving you the insights to know which content works, where it works, and why it it works.

Deleting the White Noise

Deleting the White Noise

Shouldn't your digital signage do more than just play content? With CUE digital signage becomes a business intelligence tool that helps you sell more ad space by giving target delivery and audience attention metrics far beyond a rolling playlist. CUE takes your DOOH campaigns to the direct reach you've been wishing to achieve.

Triggered Interaction

CUE interactive is the only way to address those long point of sale lines. Direct menus to who you want when you want. Have a great new item you want featured, CUE does the heavy lifting. Want to know who is searching for what item? CUE knows! Want to use that beautiful menu board to push content? CUE does that as well! 

CUE me! Need to know who is searching that amazing directory you spent so much time on? CUE handles that! Want to know where your audience tends to go? CUE can show you! Want to use that directory to drive some ad revenue? CUE is your tool!